Daliyon ka Dagriya

DKD was registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 in March in the year 1991. The organization is based at Srinagar Garhwal Uttarakhand with its head quarter at Srinagar and three field offices, Two at district Tehri and one in Pauri.

an environmental Organization- Daliyon ka Dagriya (DKD), Srinagar (Garhwal) Uttarakhand, India

– is  not for profit, Non government  organization (NGO) which was founded in 1973 at Raini village of District Chamoli when CHIPKO Movement started at District Chamoli.

A Youth wing of CHIPKO movement decides to form informal organization called

Daliyon Ka Dagriya DKD (The Friends of Trees).

DKD working with mountain people since last 40 years as a mountain manager in the different villages of central Himalayan region and covered more than 250 villages with direct intervention.


Society Registration Number 647/1990-1991 Dt. 30/03/1991 Dehradun (Uttarakhand, India Renewal in Pauri Garhwal Uttarakhand) with FCRA and 12A

Field level work for community in different groups

International Level Affiliation


  • TDH Germany
  • Active Aid Sweden
  • Natural Resource Institute, Manitoba, Canada
  • OXFAM Hong kong
  • Resource Centre for Primary Health Care(RECPHEC), Nepal
  • Work for Better Bangladesh, Bangladesh
  • Frekorpset Norway(FK), Oslo, Norway


National Level

  • OXFAM, India, Luckhnow
  • SPWD, New Delhi
  • CAPART, Lucknow
  • Directorate of Culture, Govt. of India
  • NOVB, Gurgaon, Ministry of Agriculture
  • UNICEF, Lucknow, U.P.
  • Center for Environment Education (CEE), North Lucknow
  • Indian National Social Action Forum (INSAF)  – Delhi


Regional Level

  • NABARD, Dehradun
  • CASA, Dehradun
  • DRDA, Pauri
  • DRDA, Tehri
  • SEWA – THDC, Rishikesh
  • Swajal, Pauri
  • CDO, Pauri
  • Himalayan Action and Research Ceneter (HARC), Dehradun
  • Christian Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA), Dehradun
  • People’s Science Institute, Dehradun
  • HESCO, Dehradun
  • Aman, Uttarakhand
  • Central Soil and Water Research & Training Institute, Dehradun
  • All India Radio center-Nazimabad

Operational Strategy of DKD


Enhancing the active participation of the local people in the development process.


  • Special approaches and programmes for women according to their aspirations felt needs and stated priorities.                 
  • Empowering the community institutions on the basis of economic, social and gender equity.
  • Natural Resource Management and enhance livelihood through holistic approach.
  • Developing and dissemination of eco – friendly and low cost rural technologies.
  • Policy advocacy
Women Active Participation with Panchayati Raj Institutions and Govt. Agencies

Focus Area


  • Research and Survey
  • Natural resource management and Livelihood Promotion
  • Watershed management
  • Women empowerment
  • Science and technology interventions
  • Environment Conservation
  • Education and primary health
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Livable City


" Daliyon ka Dagriya has an amazing team of hard working professionals. It has been a pleasure to meet them.”


Ms. Reshma Shakya

FK South-South Volunteer Exchange Program, FK Norway

for Daliyon Ka Dagriya (DKD), India

Home Organization: Resource Centre for Primary Health Care (RECPHEC), Nepal